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From one firearm to an entire collection, San Diego Guns can facilitate your buy, sell or trade.

We can analyze your firearms to see what avenue is best suited on marketing your firearms. As well as help educate our customers on which channel will net you top dollar.

We have over thirty-five years of combined retail firearm experience to share with you.

We provide a safe and professional retail location for you to bring your firearms in any time, no appointment necessary.

All the state and federal paperwork requirements are handled by us, making your transaction smooth and effortless.

Over 1,000 firearms have been procured by San Diego Guns. Which translates to us purchasing firearms daily. You get paid instantly when we purchase your firearms, typically via check. Store credit can be issued if you are interested in trading in your old firearm and help you fund the firearm you have had your eye on! We love older pistols, rifles and shotguns and welcome any firearms that might be considered rare or unusual. We live for our customers to bring us unique and rare firearms. This is the best method if you want your “old” firearm to be purchased and appreciated by a new firearm enthusiast or collector.

We require all firearms that are looking to be sold to us, to be brought into our retail store. We do not go to our customer’s houses to examine collections.

Please give us a call at 1.619.564.6965 or stop by our retail store with your firearms. Please make sure your firearms are unloaded and cased. If you need assistance bringing you firearms into the store from your vehicle, please notify us once you arrive and we will be happy to assist you.

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San Diego Guns is now open 7 days a week effective January 1, 2022.