KICK-EEZ Sporting Clay Recoil Pad

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KICK-EEZ Sporting Clay Recoil Pad


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Sorbothane¨ a one-of-a kind visco elastic polymer has been medically and scientifically proven to be the finest cushioning material available today . Kick-Eez pads reduce more recoil and do it better than any other pad. Less recoil reduces flinching eases sore shoulders or cheeks. By reducing the rebound effect of the first shot second shots are quicker and more accurate. Pad will not “bottom out” as other materials tend to do even after thousands of compressions.

Sporting clay pads have basically the same contour lines as the All Purpose pads except the Sporting Clay pads have the heel contoured at approximately 45 degrees to allow easier shouldering from the “low gun” position.




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KICK-EEZ Sporting Clay Recoil Pad

3 in stock