San Diego Guns is currently offering our own webstore to shop from the comfort and convenience of your home.

You can purchase firearms, ammunition, and accessories all from our website and they will ship directly to our shop for pickup. All online inventory will ship from our distributor and is not a representation of our in-store inventory.

There are NO shipping charges, or fees for purchasing ammunition or firearms.

Simply competitive online prices, and an enormous array of inventory at your fingertips to choose from.

Click here to visit the store.

Out of state transfers:

San Diego Guns welcomes your firearms transfer. We handle firearms transfers daily and can make what can be a difficult process, as simple as possible.  We always appreciate if you have a particular firearm that you are searching for, to give us a shot at tracking it down for you. We often have new and used inventory that is not on display in the back, and we are happy to bring them out. We can also special order virtually any firearm and happy to assist locating any firearm for you.  If you purchased your firearms from an online retailer, it can be shipped to San Diego Guns. Please read the following steps for a successful transfer:

  • Please come down to the shop in person to initiate your firearm transfer. Even if the dealer has our FFL on file, we require every customer to come in the store prior to their firearm arriving.
  • Once a copy of our FFL is sent to the seller, we have fulfilled our obligations as the dealer, until your firearm arrives. If you have any firearm related questions regarding your purchase, please contact the seller.
  • San Diego Guns does not receive firearms from individuals, all firearm(s) must be sent from an FFL.
  • If your package is delivered and signed for, please allow 24 hours for us to receive your firearm. Once we contact you, come into the shop to initiate your paperwork.
  • It is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure the handgun you are purchasing is on the roster of handguns certified for sale. If you have a firearm shipped to San Diego Guns that is not on the roster of handguns certified for sale, the FFL fee you paid of $100.00 will be applied to receiving this firearm, whether it is delivered to you or not. If the firearm needs to be returned to the seller, a $50.00 fee will be incurred to ship your firearm back. That does NOT include the cost of shipping the actual firearm. If you choose to have another firearm sent to replace the initial firearm purchased, the fee is $50.00.
  • It is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure the rifle you are purchasing is CA compliant before it arrives at our store. If you are unsure about the configuration of a particular rifle, please ask us, we are happy to help.
  • We are required by the CA Franchise Tax Board to collect sales/use tax of 7.75% from the invoice total on all FFL transfers. (Certain exemptions may apply) For example, if your firearm is a gift, please include a detailed letter on who is gifting you the firearm included with the shipment.

San Diego Guns strives to keep its shelves well stocked with a variety of ammunition for every purpose. We carry all major brands such as Federal, Hornady, Nosler, Winchester, Corbon, Speer, Buffalo Bore, Aguila and more. We stock individual boxes and have case quantities of ammunition in-store.

We have lead-free shotgun shells and rifle ammunition for our hunters, the best hollow-point ammunition on the market for defense, or concealed carry permit holders and range ammunition to keep your skills proficient. Ammunition is also available for purchase through our online store and shipped directly to us.

If you are unsure what you need, call us and one of our firearm consultants would be enthused to get you set up with what you need. San Diego Guns is the premier source for ammunition in San Diego County. San Diego Guns is not offering ammunition transfers from ammunition purchased online or from out of state retailers.

We keep a sizeable inventory on hand, at all times. If you are searching for a particular firearm, we usually have what will suit your needs. Our on-hand inventory is constantly changing, so if for whatever reason you don’t see it, we can always order it.

San Diego Guns has the ability, to order any California compliant firearm for you. We can order any of the top brands such as, Heckler & Koch, Sig Sauer, Glock, Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Benelli, Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson and Ruger.

Whether it is a pistol, rifle, or shotgun we can get it for you. Our social media is updated daily, so please follow San Diego Guns on Instagram, Facebook and Parler.

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San Diego Guns is now open 7 days a week effective January 1, 2022.