FN Scar 20S 7.62x51mm FDE NRCH


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FN Scar 20S 7.62x51mm FDE NRCH

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The legendary FN SCAR® 20S is upgraded with Non-Reciprocating
Charging Handles. Perfectly calibrated for long-range fire, the FN
SCAR 20S delivers surgical precision, with an enhanced set of controls
to enable any shooting position or optic choice. The rugged, monolithic
upper receiver with full-length MIL-STD-1913 rail provides more
space for rail-mounted accessories, and a precision buttstock fits any
shooter with adjustable length of pull and cheek rest height. The FN
SCAR 20S is the benchmark for long-range precision from a gas driven piston platform, delivering a highly accurate and proven design
for target shooting and law enforcement applications.

Adaptable: New, non-reciprocating, dual charging handles allow you
to shoot from any position without interfering with optics or grip
style, while the fully-ambidextrous operating controls and adjustable
buttstock instantly adapts to any shooter.

Reliable: Short-stroke gas piston system with an adjustable low-flash
gas regulator. The reduced reciprocating mass of the new bolt carrier
produces less felt recoil, making a soft-shooting rifle even easier to
manage. Accurate: Fully free-floating, cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel
and one-piece machined aluminum upper receiver deliver sub-minute
accuracy. A 2-stage Geissele trigger in SCAR 20S brings 1000-M shots
in range.

Tested: FN’s most tested rifle platform remains the choice of the U.S.
military’s most elite fighting forces. Rugged, precise and dependable,
all SCARs have earned their stripes, proven with decades of hard use.


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